Saturday, September 8, 2007

50 cent is very famous hip hop

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you are the very best example. How did you find your way here.
You are so correct, atomosbass,
Thats one suckass top-5 you got there, goldmn480.
50 cent NEW ALBUM- 11 september - CURTIS
lmao so seductive got bloked loadsa times, cuz its an ace song, go 50!!!!
GGGGGGGGG-unit ALdayy nigga fuck ya bitch ass haters nigga 50allday cutis #1 album

g-unit allfuckin day and every fuck day fuck any hater that hates 50 cent
50 cent is gonna outsell kanye buy millions
cuz no one knows kanye west as they do 50cent in like europe or asia so i feel soory for some fags that think kanye is gonna win he aint no one knows kanye out of america

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